Electric Power Research Center, Consultant:                                                  (2000-2001)


Founder of Shahid Nili                                                                                  (2011)


Director and Founder of Advanced Communication Research Institute           (2004- present)


Director of Center of Excellence in Multi- Access Communication System      (2005-2011)


Founder of Shahid Nili Research Institute                                                       (2011-present)


Director of IT Institute at ITRC:                                                                    (2004- 2006)


Director and Founder of Multimedia Group at ITRC:                                     (2001-2004)


Director of International Affairs at ITRC:                                                       (1999-2001)


Director and Founder of the new Telecommunication Research Center           (1979-1981)


Member of the board of NEC (Nippon Electric Co.) in Iran,                          (1980-1981)


Managing Director of Iran Electronic Industries:                                            (1981-1982)


Director and Founder of Electric Power Research Center,                             (1982-1984)


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