Courses Taught at Illinois Institute of Technology, University of California- Davis, AT&T Bell Labs., Sharif University of Technology and Tehran Polytechnic:


Signals and Systems- Undergraduate Level


Digital Communications- Undergraduate and Graduate Level


Communication Systems- Undergraduate Level


Analog Communication Systems- Undergraduate and Graduate Level


Digital Signal Processing- Undergraduate and Graduate Level

Information Theory- Graduate Level

Random Processes, Graduate Level


DSP II, Graduate Level


Coding Theory- Graduate Level


Special Topics in Modern Communication Systems. Undergraduate Level


Telecommunication Networks and Telephone Switching- Undergraduate Level


Communication Systems Lab.- Undergraduate Level

(I developed experiments and wrote a manual for this Lab.)


Instrumentation and Measurement- Undergraduate Level


Instrumentation Lab.- Undergraduate Level


Electronic Telephone Switching- Graduate Level


Fields and Waves- Undergraduate





A short course has been offered at King's College on "Data Compression  for Voice, Image, and Video Signals," April 1993, August 1993, April and Nov. 1994.


A short course offered at GEC-Plessy on "Data Compression on for Voice, Image, and Video Signals 6-9 Sept. 1993.


Two short courses on "Speech and Video Compression Techniques for Mobile and Satellite Applications" offered at Univ. of Westminster, London, UK. April 1994


A short course at IEEE Conf. ICC'94 held in New Orleans, US, May 1994


A short course at Globecom'94 to be held in San Francisco, US., Nov 1994


A short course at ICT'95, Bali, Indonesia, March 1995


A short course at ICT'96, Melbourne, Australia, Jan 1996


A short course on Multimedia at ICC’96, Dallas, Texas, June 1996.


A short course at ICC’96, US., June 1996.

A course on Data Compression at Institute of Radio-Electronics, Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland May 26-27, 1997.


A short Course at Norsig’2004 in Finland on Non-uniform Sampling, June 2004.





Invited Talks on "Sparse signal Processing" at Supelec (France), EPFL (Switzerland), University College London(UCL), King's College London, Imperial College, Queen Mary University, Brunel University while on sabbatical during 2012-2013.


University of Helsinki and Tampere University in Finland, Lectures on Nonuniform Sampling at January 2004.


Lancaster University in UK, "Signal Processing as an Alternative to Error Correction Codes," March 1993.


Bradford University in UK, "Video Compression Techniques," June 1993.


University College London, "Sampling and Information Theory," Oct. 1993.


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