University College London (UCL), Visiting Professor                                          (2011-2012)


Sharif University of Tech., Professor at EE Dept.                                                (2000- Present)


Iran Telecommunication Research Center, International Affairs,                            (1999- Present)

Head of Multimedia Group and Head of Institute of IT        


King's College London, Lecturer                                                                         (1992-2003)


Lucent Technologies UK working on Error Concealment                                      (1997-1998)


Illinois Institute of Technology, Associate Professor                                             (1987-1991)


Consultant in Video Compression                                                                        (1991-1992)


AT&T Bell Labs., USA., Member of Technical Staff on  ATM, 4ESS, 5ESS Switching Systems and Operator Systems (OSPS)                                                                                                               (1985-1987)


University of California, Davis, Visiting Professor                                                 (1984-1985)


Founder and director of Iran Power Research Center (MATN)                              (1982-1984)


Member of the Board of Iran NEC (INEC),                                                           (1982-1984)


Director of Sa Iran                                                                                               (1981)


Director and Consultant to the minister of PTT,                                                    (1980-1981)


Sharif University of Tech., Teheran, Associate Professor                                      (1976-1985)


Singer Co., Kearfott Division, USA, Staff Engineer and a Consultant on Coding and Modulation                                                                                                                            (1974-1976)

Graphic Sciences, Danbury, Ct., Senior Engineer, designing digital facsimile machines                                                                                                                                    (1972-1974)


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