The report on comparative study on convolutional codes and Reed Solomon codes for Singer Kearfott Co. became a referenced document for managers and engineers at that Company and Department of Defense.


Initiated and wrote a White Paper with other experts at Bell Labs. on Wideband Packet Technology.  The report is widely read by Members of Technical Staff, Supervisors, and Directors.


The Feature Specification Document (FSD) on Operator Systems for Bell Operating Companies is the result of one year of research.  Now, many Bell Operator Companies have implemented this system. Soon, all Bell Companies have their own operator systems based on this FSD.


The Feature Specification Document on Remote Switching Module (RSM) for 5ESS telephone switches has already been implemented.  This feature has extended the RSM from 150 miles to 1000 miles.


Differential Phase Detectors, Air Force Themis Project, R.P.I., N.Y., 1971.


An Adaptive Quantizer, AFSC Project, R.P.I., Troy, N.Y., 1972.


Line Skipping Digital Facsimile Machine, Graphic Sciences Inc., Danbury, Ct., 1973.


Run Length Coding, Graphic Sciences, Inc., Danbury, Ct., 1973.


Analysis and Comparison of Error Correction Codes, Singer Co., Kearfott Division, N.J., 1974.


The Implementation of a Viterbi Decoder, Sharif University of Technology, 1978.


Economic and Technical Analysis of Wideband Packet Technology, AT&T Bell Labs., Naperville, IL, 1985.


Integrated Services Hybrid Network, AT&T Bell Labs, Naperville, IL., 1986.


Requirements on Equipment Maintenance of Adjunct Packet Cross-Connect Switch, AT&T Bell Labs., Naperville, Il., 1986.


Wideband Packet Network - White Paper, AT&T Bell Labs., Naperville, Il., 1986.


OSPS Feature Specification Document:  Line Information Data Base (LIDB) Interface, Internal Memorandum, AT&T Bell Labs., Document No. 55116-870415-01IM, 1987.


Discussion on BellCore Transactions Capability Application Part of SS7 (TCAP) Layer for Line Information Data Base (LIDB) Applications, internal Memorandum, AT&T Bell Labs, Document no. 55116-8703101M, 1987.


Wideband Packet Technology:  Exploratory Directions and Issues, Internal Memorandum, AT&T Bell Labs., Document no.  55116-870408-01 IM, 1987.


OSPS Feature Specification Document:  Remote Switching Module (RSM) -Bridging, Internal Memorandum, AT&T Bell Labs, FSD no. 01-12

(Dept. 55116), 1987.


OSPS Discussion on Signalling Connection Control Part (SCCP) Layer of Signalling Systems 7 (SS7) for Line Information Data Base (LIDB) Application and My Correspondence with BellCore, Internal Memorandum, AT&T Bell Labs., Document no. 55116-870414-01 IM, 1987.


Zero-Crossing Based Evaluation of Atrial Fibrillation and Sinus Rhythm Signals - A Preliminary Report Prepared for the Pritzker Institute of Medical Engineering, 1988.

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